The Great City of Urville… No?

Urville, is a grand city of 12 million, the capital of a large island province, surely one of the most significant cities in Europe. Its numerous towering skyscrapers and endless city blocks, may not spring to mind when considering the mega cities of the world. It is also entirely imaginary.

The city of Urville exists only in the mind of French autistic-savant Giles Trehin who has spent 20 years masterminding and planning in the most intricate detail the entire workings of this grand metropolis.

Trehin had his exceptional creative talents published. His book documents the city in unbelievable detail; from the workings of the infrastructure, to the history of the city, including the impact of the Second World War and stretching back to the French Revolution.
‘In 1789, during the French Revolution, Urville has 2.8 millions inhabitants, but the number of habitations became too limited to host the huge population growth due to the Industrial Revolution,’

‘In order to cope, the authorities of Urville call upon the famous town-planner Oscar Laballière (1803/ 1883) to start gigantic urban projects which are still outlining Urville even today.’

The book brings together 300 of Trehins drawings to describe the many districts of Urville, sharing his remarkable vision as a convincing illustrated guide. He goes further, describing the evolving architectural styles of individual buildings and providing a wealth of historical, geographical, economic and cultural information. This includes historical figures and cultural anecdotes grounded in historical reality.


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