Robots of Brixton

This is the 2011 Presidents Silver Medal Winner for animation by Kibwe Tavares – Robots of Brixton. The 6 minute film explores the issues of race, class and the city, with robots populating the film metaphorically representing the future intake of migrants in the UK.

Centred around an augmented Brixton, London, an area well known for its diverse demographic, the project tells of the cyclical nature to the life and struggles of immigrants, using the notorious riots of 1981 to illustrate the point. A truly stunning project and a compelling watch, that is uncompromising in its vision.

Curiously, but unsurprisingly, there were many people involved in the making of this project, which perhaps in my opinion is not in the spirit of what the Presidents medals should be about. Regardless, the film is a triumph… watch out Pixar.


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