FAT Chance


FAT are Architects of confidence.

There is somewhat of a divisive nature to the London based practice that over the past 23 years has really created some conversation about taste in architecture. But by taste what do we even mean? Most people in architectural circles mean Modernism and the streamline sleek effect Mies promoted so vehemently. Fashion Architecture Taste is the acronym it stands by, is certainly laced with intentional irony to light a few sparks amongst the black turtleneck brigade.

Anyway the debate of should FAT be allowed anywhere near a commission in the future has well and truely closed with the Practice deciding to close its books, and with it’s final holiday home project nearly completed. Take a glimpse here, but please don’t if you fancy yourself as a considered minimalist.

Here are also some photos I have taken of a house in Hackney which optimises the group’s removal from convention.

Sean Griffiths’ house in Hackney, completed 2002

20150102_121416 20150102_121243



My inclination towards FAT however is linked with their boldness, and the notion of pushing what architecture should be past the tired modernist principles or postmodern architecture reversion to supposed classicism.

In an article published in the Guardian, founding member Jacob says:

“It was born out of a utopian idea that architecture is much bigger than the way architects define it… we were looking at the limits of architecture, trying to find moments that you could appropriate, or subvert how the city works.”

FAT’s vast and far ranging catalog of works were never just confined to an online library, they have built prolifically and diversely. This is impressive considering the nature of their designs, clearly they are able to convince from the stance of doing something different and injecting fun back into design. Wielding the Adobe Creative Suite as their weapon of choice.

Venice Biennale – British Pavilion


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