The Two Towers


This impressive looking lighthouse is in La Rochelle, France, a famous costal city that has an impressive dock guarded by a castle, that was built by the English. The fortifications clearly signifies the historical importance of the area, and it’s disputed sovereignty. Access to this inlet was of great significances for both dominance of the neighbouring waters and trade.

Of course then navigation, as it developed over the centuries, was of the utmost importance, especially as boats go bigger and became ships. This lighthouse was built to help guide the larger vessels into the dock, avoiding the shallows to gain safe passage. This was achieved by an ingenious but simple, as it often goes, method of aligning the ship with this lighthouse and its counterpart. A second lighthouse sits across the bay, and if out at sea on a foggy evening, as long as the two lights appear as one, you are on the course for a plain sailing entrée.

Strangely enough, this building seems to be a style premonition to PoMo, and its playful charm is evident,  this time born out of the necessity of function. A charmingly odd building, that sits amongst the picturesque quayside without much jarring difficulty despite its silhouette.


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