Trellick Tower

Trellick Tower, one of Goldfinger’s statements for West London’s skyline, echoes what he did in the East with Balfron Tower. To many this apartment block is a case of beauty OR the beast – divisive but undeniably a raw display of confidence and honesty in architecture.

Goldfinger finds a way of creating  playfulness where others used modular components to dull effect. There are chances to inhabit this structure, to make a home with a commanding presence. Well planned duplexes and generous amenity space create a genuine plot to satisfy many people’s homemaking criteria.

Formerly a council block associated with crime, it now, like swathes of London, costs a small fortune to buy an apartment here. Cult status, Grade II listing and location (on the cusp of affluent Notting Hill) contributes to price, but of course is part of a wider issue within the capital’s supply vs demand housing problem.

A few more Trellicks may smooth over the issue, especially if intended social agendas could be realised, but who throws their money towards such an unrewarding cause? It’s almost as if we could do with a system where each person gives a fraction of their earnings towards this ideal, it could be managed by some kind of chosen, overarching but accountable leadership that was prepared to make this kind of decision for the benefit of those aforementioned contributors and each person in between…

Not sure where that notion could have come from.


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