Variety is the Spice of Copenhagen

This mosaic is a sample of some of my photographs taken whilst in the Danish capital. Some are of famous buildings, others not so much, I tended to focus less on the usual postcard images of the city. What is noticeable is the wealth of ideas and peculiarities I stumbled upon on my travels – ranging from concrete PoMo to Victorian brick detailing.

The city’s curiosities are it’s strength and generates a dynamic feeling when journeying from borough to borough. I particularly enjoyed Vesterbro, the bohemian part of town, each street offered something unique in architecture or atmosphere. The Meat Packing district is not to be missed, as it contains many cafes, bars and breweries for the weary traveller in an industrial, modernist environment.

Towards the university you will find many new buildings, of which the quality of design remains well considered. This district has less historic character than Vesterbro or the centre for example, instead the buildings seem to work as islands, knitted together almost coincidentally by the surrounding infrastructure. Nevertheless each complex offers it’s inhabitants the architect’s vision of life, delivered convincingly but in isolation. Perhaps living in your compound could create a communal spirit and a pride of place.

The final specific observation I noticed on my brief trip was the way the city is navigated by the locals. Cycling is the way to go and the networks put the bike before all. I know the Netherlands can work in a similar way, however Copenhagen has embraced the two wheel method unlike what I have seen before. This makes this city have serious green credentials, and noticeably clean air, moreover commutes are predominantly overground and independant from specified routes. Having this speed and freedom means the city is experienced at a different pace, complimenting the dynamism of the architecture.



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